Property Managers, Sales Staff, and Landlords

Are you having difficulty renting or selling that unit ?

(or apartment or townhouse or villa) Is it old, tired or have dated décor ?

Then here is the good news :


Because Perth Property Renovations are the Unit Renovation Specialists.

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s really hard to find a tenant or buyer for your property. “Time Is Money” in real estate and too much time means you are losing money. It can be lost rental income, lost property management fees, costly ongoing interest payments to the bank, or missing out on other opportunities because you are stuck with your unit that nobody wants.

There is a lot of competition in the market and somehow you want potential renters/buyers to pick your unit over the rest – or at least include your unit in a shortlist to get more details and arrange a viewing.

But what will make your unit standout? The answer is simple.

Our 10 Day Turnaround renovation will transform your unit and put you ahead of the pack.

At Perth Property Renovations we will take your old, tired, dated unit and completely rejuvenate it so you can present it to the market like a new unit. Then you will get the attention of prospective renters/buyers and things will start to happen.

OK, so we are sure you know that a property will always rent or sell if you drop your price low enough. BUT, this price is usually way below the market price. Why should you have to suffer and lose money.Well, you don’t have to because Perth Property Renovations are the unit renovation specialists and we will help you to get the best price for rent or sale.

When we have finished our 10 Day Turnaround renovation, your unit will standout in the market and will likely rent quicker at a higher rent, or likely sell much faster at a higher price than you would get without our renovation. AND if your unit is a rental, your landlord should expect to get a better rent yield and will love you for it – we will show you how. And still more good news, the renovation is tax deductable !!!

So don’t delay, take action today. Call or email Perth Property Renovations, the unit renovation specialists and let us come and provide a free, prompt and no obligation quote.

YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED WITH THE PRICE AND THE RESULT. Our phone numbers are at the top of this page or click here to go to our Contact page and phone us or send us an email.